The Center for Building-Energy Smart Technologies, currently in planning stages, is formed under the NSF’s Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers Program. Partnerships established with Colorado University Boulder, Arizona State University, New York University and City College of New York form the core of the intellectual capital of the Center.

The Center is designed to catalyze and optimize collaboration between the universities and industry partners in building energy systems to be intelligent, resilient and efficient. The focus of Center activities is to develop, integrate and test energy technologies for buildings; prototyping and producing intelligent building materials and assemblies, smart HVAC systems and integrated renewable energy systems. These smart technologies target enhanced energy sustainability within networked communities and urban systems; across buildings, electric vehicle power infrastructure, renewable energy micro-grids, communications, and other food-energy-water systems. A lower carbon footprint, livability and the overall resiliency of the built environment is the goal. The academic partners of the proposed Center have a wealth of expertise, carry out their research in state-of-art facilities, and bring a depth of experience innovating with industry in this area. To our knowledge, there is no center currently operating in this important field.