The Center for Building Energy Smart Technologies would be formed under the NSF’s Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers Program with Colorado University, Boulder, Arizona State University, New York University and City College New York. The academic partners of the center have a strong research record and state-of-art facilities in developing innovative technologies and effective techniques to design, construct, and operate resilient, sustainable and smart buildings, cities, and grids.

If completed, the center will have two sites, one in Boulder, Colo. (West Site) and the other in New York City (East Site).

The five main areas for the center are:

  • The development of smart building materials that adapt dynamically to changes in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • The development of smart building energy systems that increase efficiency using continuous monitoring, data mining, intelligent diagnostics and optimal controls.
  • The development of integrated energy generation systems that work with buildings such as solar power, combined heat and thermo-electric generators.
  • The development of smart grid systems to better distribute energy resources.
  • Integrating energy efficient technologies and renewable energy resources through better urban design and operation.

The Industry University Collaborative Research Center (IUCRC) program provides the funding opportunity for universities and industry to collaborate and grow long-term partnerships for conducting pre-competitive research on topics of mutual benefit in an educational environment. The research conducted at each center is vetted by an industry advisory board that ensures that it aligns with the emerging needs of the consortium. As of today, there are 77 IUCRCs operating in the United States with over 200 university sites across the nation and a handful of international in Europe, and Asia.



University of Colorado: Moncef Krarti, krarti@colorado.edu

City University of New York: Jorge Gonzalez, jgonzalezcruz@ccny.cuny.edu

New York University: Masoud Ghandehari, masoud@nyu.edu

Arizona State University: Agami Reddy, reddyta@asu.edu