Industry Partners

Becoming an industry partner 

This center will form long-term partnerships between startups, corporations, universities and government agencies – defining the future of building energy smart technology for years to come. Industry members involved in the center will enjoy early access to cutting edge research and networking opportunities in an area increasingly becoming a market differentiator for residential and commercial properties.

Potential partners for this center include green building product manufacturers, design professionals and construction companies. Some areas and disciplines of particular interest include solar and wind power manufacturers, architects, engineers and home builders. Industry partners direct the research areas, have access to work in progress and can recruit employees from the student workforce conducting it. They also have lower risks, accelerate their competitive research and development and avoid internal costs. Partnership in this proposed center comes with a $50,000 fee.

For more information or to setup a meeting, contact the coordinator at one of the four Center Universities. 

University of Colorado: Moncef Krarti,

City University of New York: Jorge Gonzalez,

New York University: Masoud Ghandehari,

Arizona State University: Agami Reddy,

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